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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

4th - 8th May

Look how big Bobby's sunflowers!!!!

The tallest one measures 59cm!

Well done Bobby.

How tall are yours?

Who is going to beat me!!!

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I was in a dress too for our VE Day party at school

Super work coming in - Well done everyone!

Wow, look at Kyle's Sunflower!!!!!


Your first task is .......

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Nottingham is known for industry and invention so we will be looking more closely at this over the next couple of weeks.   

This is very true when it comes to bikes and here is the latest bike invention.

The new hoverbike

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Hopefully you have watched the video above.

You work for The Iconic Transportation Company a new sub company of Raleigh. They have invented a new method of transport – the hoverbike!


It is your job to let people know about the new invention and increase sales of hoverbikes.


Your task is to create a persuasive advertisement and persuade people to buy one.



Remember to tell the reader the benefits!

Think about:

  • What the hoverbike is
  • Who the hoverbike is for
  • What the hoverbike can do

Remember to exaggerate!


Remember to use powerful adjectives!

You could ask the reader a question!

What about a snappy slogan!

Remember to repeat good points!


You could make a TV advert, a radio advert or an advert which could appear in the local newspaper or on social media - the choice is yours - but have fun doing it!



Harry and his Hover No Bother

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Great advert Harry

Apostrophes for possession

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Who does it belong to! That's what needs the apostrophe!

Apostrophes for possession 


Who does it belong to???? 


The apples and pears were delicious - why do we not need apostrophes in this sentence???


Austen's apples and pears were delicious - why have I put one on Austen?


It is all about who it belongs to - possession!!!!


This is tricky though there are lots of rules around this like: 


If it belongs to more than one person/animal 

e.g. The year 5 boys' football ( it belongs to all of the boys in year 5 ) 


What about if your name already ends in an s???? like in Lucas or James 

e.g. Lucas' room was impeccably tidy and so was James' room.   

We drop the extra s or we sound like a snake SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Work your way through the powerpoint. Then have a go at the apostrophe challenge. 


Suffix investigation 

Have a look at the video above.

When you add a suffix to a root word you change its meaning. Each suffix has a different meaning  

Have a go with these (you can download this sheet below): 





Other Examples


full of




the most

 (superlative adjective)




doing now








how something was done





more than

(comparative adjective)




someone’s job or responsibility



Suffix investigation table as above

Suffix spellings - can you underline the root word for each word

Some great examples of where the apostrophe should go!

Mega Maths 

Just something to get you thinking.........

Adding and Subtracting decimals

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Hopefully the video helps and I got the answers correct!

Daily Maths Challenge 


This week we will be looking at adding and subtracting decimal numbers.



Work through the powerpoint - the golden rule is really important!!!! 

Then use the sheet in anyway you want - there are 5 sections so you could complete a little each day or if you are feeling like you want a challenge complete a couple of sections! 


I have also had a go and done some homework - but I think I might have gone wrong somewhere - can you mark it and spot my mistakes (please tell me where I went wrong)

It must have be a FRIDAY frown



Maths Arithmetic Test - week 3 

This is your weekly arithmetic test. 

Below you will find the sheet for children to write on and the answers

Science - materials and their properties

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We have finished our work on life cycles and we will now start to learn about materials.

Have a look at the video below: 

Now have a go at finding some different object around your house to test their properties and use this tick list to record your finding. 










Electrical conductor
































































Now use your table to sort all the materials in the Venn diagrams,



All of this is downloadable below. 

I have also put a matching activity below is you want a go!

Materials and their properties resources

Science Based Design Challenge

Make sure you have watched the Hover Bike video and completed your science materials investigation before starting this task.  Some of the information you gain from these two activities may prove useful.


Iconic Transportation Company have now successfully designed a Hover Bike but before it can be used we need to design a safety suit that will be worn by all riders.

The design requirements can be found in the document below.  All designs must include full details of selected materials and reasons for choosing them.

Good luck and happy designing!


Iconic Transportation Company Safety Suit Requirements

Up here for thinking down there for dancing 


Every morning, Austen and I exercise with some random dancing.  These are our favourite four. 

Why not have a go too! Just click on the image and it will take you straight to the dance.