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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

27th April - 1st May


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Here is this week's work

Robins in flight

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How fantastic - they are so brave and cute!
Did you spot mummy robin giving some encouragement?
I just keep shouting 'Go on, you can do it!'

Spot the Difference ........

Can you find the difference between the 'Old Market Square' now called 'Slab Square' in Nottingham

from the 1920s, 1940s and 2010s? 

What has changed? What has stayed the same? 

Why do you think its name changed? 


Many, many people (including adults) struggling with using apostophes. 

They can be used for two different reasons.  This week, we will concentrate on using them for contraction/ omission.  Follow the powerpoint and it will give you some pointers on how to use apostrophes for contractions/ omission.   

Contraction = make something smaller ( so the word gets smaller ) 

Omission = take something out ( so you replace the missing letter/letters with an apostrophe) 


do not = don't 

Once you have been through the powerpoint have a go at the activity below.

There are a couple of really tricky ones so be careful!


I know some of you love spellings! 

See if you can get 10 at the end of the week - do a little test at home and let me know!

Click on the image about and it will take you through the rules.

Below you will find a list to learn, a link to some games on spelling frame and an activity to have a go at. 

Mega Maths 

Just something to get you thinking.........

Maths Arithmetic Test - week 1 

This is your weekly arithmetic test. 

Below you will find the sheet for children to write on and the answers

Daily Maths Challenge 

WC 27th April 


Click on the image above, if you have been doing one session a day including your arithmetic then this is where you will be up to.  Please feel free to just follow the sequence as you wish, if you just follow one lesson after the other it will build up skills from one lesson to the next. 

Please choose WEEK 3 lesson 3 video, then use the following 4 days to build up the sequence of lessons. 

Each day there is an activity to follow the video. 


We have learnt lots about life cycles, including humans, frogs and plants. 

This week, I need your help.  I have Robin chicks - they are living down the side of my house in-between some old roof tiles.  I need to know what should I expect to see.  When I first noticed that they had moved in I took the photos below:


I have set up a camera to see what's going on.  Below is a short video I captured of the mum feeding the chicks.  I can't get too close now as the mother bird will abandon the chicks. 


I would like you to do some research on different bird life cycles.  Do all birds follow the same stages? Is the robin the same as a cuckoo? Are there any similarities and differences? 

There are some resources below you can use to help you related to the cuckoo - they are very interesting!

Robin chicks being feed

Still image for this video
Can you count how many chicks there are?

Cuckoo life cycle


Being British    

In our class assemblies this term, we would like to explore what you think it means to be "British".  Myself and Mrs Wraith have created our montage of pictures, that we think say Britain, but would love to see what images you would use.  

Do you see any similarities with our pictures?  What else would you add?

You can cut pictures out of a magazine, copy images from the computer or even draw your pictures.  Have fun and don't forget to send pictures of your work to myself or Mrs Wraith.

Feeling Arty?

John Lewis and Waitrose have launched a soft toy design competition for children around the UK to raise critical funds for the NHS.

As children are now  home-schooling  across the nation, the retailer is inviting children (and adults) to create and share their designs for a “super-bear” cuddly toy that celebrates the spirit and courage of the men and women working on the frontline during the Covid-19 crisis. 

The winning design will be turned into an exclusive Christmas toy and sold by Waitrose and John Lewis from October, following in the footsteps of a number of beloved characters from the retailer. 

Full details of the competition and entry information can be found in the link below, however, if you prefer send your designs to myself, or Mrs Wraith, and we will send them on.

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