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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

20th - 24th April

Nottingham: Past, Present and the Future 

At school, we would have been finding out more about Nottingham and its past - looking closely as the change in industry and jobs.

I'd like you to do some research for me and answer these questions 


  1. Who founded 'Boots' the company and when did it first start out?
  2. What was 'Raleigh' famous for making?
  3. What else is Nottinghamshire famous for making? 


Please send any of your research to  I'd love to see what you found out! laugh




We've done these before and I know how much you love them. 

See whether you can remember them! 

No cheating the answers are on the second page 

Mega Maths 


Just something to get you thinking......... 


Maths Arithmetic Test - week 1 

This is your weekly arithmetic test. 

Below you will find the sheet for children to write on and the answers

Daily Maths Challenge 

WC 20th April 


Click on the image above this is exactly where we finished before Easter. 

Please choose WEEK 2 lesson 3 video, then use the following 4 days to build up the sequence of lessons. 

Each day there is an activity to follow the video. 


Hopefully your sunflower seed has started to grow.  For a seed to grow it has to go through a process called 'germination'. Can you create me something of your choosing which tells me what germination is and what a seed needs for it to germinate.   CLICK on the photo above to watch a short video to help!


Here are some images of our sunflower seed and their progress! 

Video update our sunflower seeds

Still image for this video
Quick update on how both of our sunflowers are doing! I've got some serious roots!!!!!

Look at Lucy's Sunflower progress!

What is inspiration and what makes someone inspirational ?

We often hear people talking about being "inspired" to do something, whether it be a challenge, a job or a journey, but what does the word inspiration actually mean and who do we think is inspirational

Firstly have a go at explaining what you think the word means and what activities might be inspirational.

Then can you  do some research, on one of the following people, and create a simple fact file that will help us  decide if they deserve to be considered inspirational leaders.  I have created an example worksheet for guidance. 


  Nelson Mandela             Oscar Romero     Rosa Parks