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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

13th - 17th July

Wow, aren't these tall!


So I have three things for you have a go at this week linked to our text the 'Varmints'


Task One - Personification 

We touched on this earlier in the year and you may have had a go at using this a couple of weeks ago.  Personification helps create a better image for the reader by giving something that is an object ( not alive) human or animal characteristics - this paints a vibrant picture. 

Here a a little clip which gives you more information on personification and how it works.

Click on the image


Here's my go: 


Now, you have a go!


Task Two - How would you feel? 


I want you to image you are an animal and have had your home destroyed but you don't know why. What will would you be thinking and what would you say to the humans destroying your home.


Here is my example


There are two different animals you can have a go at below. 

Task three - Expanded Noun Phrases (ENP)


We've definitely done these - But can you remember what they are?

These allow you to tell the reader more about the noun by using adjectives. 


Please say you remember?


Here is a little clip to remind you. Click on the image below.



Can you now have a go at writing your own expanded noun phrases? 

This is my go. 


Now can you have a go

Or use the sheet below


Sheet - Expanded noun phrases

Expanded noun phrase SONG

Still image for this video
Sorry it had to be done! You know I love a song!


Once, the only sounds to be heard were the buzzing of bees in the grass, the murmuring of moles in the earth, and the song of birds in the sky. These warmed the hearts of those who cared to listen - until the others came to fill the sky with buildings and the air with a cacophony of noise. 


Can you create a piece of artwork that reflects the mood of the Varmints as their story progresses. 
Remember how colours reflect emotions and moods.  You may choose to reflect one part of the story, or show how their feelings change as everything changes around them.



Percentages - 50%, 25% and 75%


So now you know how to find 10%, you can pretty much find any percentage.  The next step is to remind yourself how to find a 1/2 and a 1/4 as these are 50% and 25%. 

This week, we will have a go at finding 50%, 25% and therefore added together 75%. 

  • Below you can watch a video of me demonstrating this for you.
  • There is a power point you can work through which will build the different mathematical skills you will need.
  • Then there are four sheets to have a go at 50%, 25%, 75% and a mixed one as a challenge ( I may have throw in a 10% one in for a reminder). 


How to find 50%, 25% and 75%

Still image for this video

Power point to build up mathematical skills

Arithmetic Test - Week 6

This is your weekly arithmetic test. 

Below you will find the sheet for children to write on and the answers.

How are they classified and what do they have in common?

We have been working on classification of plants and animals over this half term. 

Remind yourself how animals are sorted so they can be classified by working through the power point below, then can you say what these group of animals is called and then say what they have in common with each other. e.g - produce milk, have feathers, lay eggs.


Then if you are feeling brave; have a go at the quiz below 

Classification Quiz