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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

11th - 15th May

Science in Action

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By Matthew S

Hover Bike Instructions

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Well it's arrived but there is a problem!!!

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My hoverbike has arrived!  But I've no idea how to use it.  There are NO instructions - can you give me any idea what the instructions might tell me? 


What do you think could be written on it?


You are going to write the instruction leaflet that came with the hoverbike.


Think about:


  • What Bob needs to know to make it work
  • What could go wrong if the hoverbike isn’t used properly
  • What Bob has to do to make sure the hoverbike doesn’t get damaged



As I have said probably too many times.  Even adults find apostrophes hard to understand. There are only two reasons why we use them! 

1. Contractions/ omission - do not = don't 

2. Possession = to show it belongs to someone/ something or a group of people 


There is no need to put them before every S


So for this weeks task you are the apostrophe police. 


Can you spot where I have used apostrophes and shouldn't, and can you spot where they are needed and haven't be used. Edit each sign to tell me where they have gone wrong 

These are actually signs that people have paid to be made!!!!! 


Apostrophe Police



So prefixes work in a similar way to suffixes but they go at the beginning of a word and change its meaning.  

like well can become unwell.  Sometimes prefixes can make words mean the opposite, this is called an antonym (tall and short are antonyms). 

Here is a clip to watch to help you understand how prefixes work. Click on the image below


There is an investigation sheet to have a go at and a spelling list, which includes lots of words with prefixes. 



Resources for Prefixes

Spellings - prefix words - can you underline the root word

Maths Challenge 




I want to do a quick recap on short multiplication ( x by 1 digit ) but really we will concentrate on long multiplication 


Watch the video below to see how it's done

The GOLDEN RULE, this week is; don't forget the place holder when moving to x by a tens number. 


I have given you lots of different ones to have a go at.  You do not need to do these all at once - little and often is best!

How to do short multiplication

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Just a little but of help!

How to do Long Multiplication

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It's all about the PLACE HOLDER!

Maths Arithmetic Test - week 4 

This is your weekly arithmetic test. 

Below you will find the sheet for children to write on and the answers



Last week we learnt about materials and their properties.  This week, I would like you to find out if a material is soluble or insoluble ( does it dissolve or not) 


Can you find in your home 3 things that DO dissolve in water and 3 things that DO NOT?


I have added a powerpoint which explains what dissolving is and also a table to fill in to show your results.  You can make your own if you wish. 

Can you make a new solution?

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I forgot to say that either some clear plastic cups or glasses would be great to see if the material separates or dissolves. Oh and a couple of spoons too.

                                         Art Challenge

This week's art is a fun activity linked to our Nottingham project. 

We would like you to imagine that you are working for the Nottingham Tourist Information Office and have been asked to design a map that will be used to help tourists visit the best places that Nottingham has to offer. 
Think about what Nottingham is famous for, talk to your parents and family, or use the internet to do research and then create your map showing all the interesting places you have discovered.

Here are examples of maps for you to look at:

  • Don't worry about putting your attractions in exactly the right location on the map
  • Think carefully about the drawings you will use to represent your attraction
  • Keep it simple so your map is easy to read.



Up Here for thinking, down there for dancing 

A couple of new favourites



Austen's new favourite 


My New favourite


Have you got a favourite on Go Noodle?