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Year 3








16/02/18-Break up for half term.

Another excellent trip...Clip 'n Climb.

8-10 May - A fantastic trip to Beaumanor!

3.5.18 - A fantastic visit to the Materials Recycling Facility that wasn't rubbish!

Archie Bear


Introducing Archie Bear, our school mascot!


We will ‘Achieve with Archie’, if we are:

Ambitious - encouraging children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’.To try, try and try again, even when things are challenging.

Respectful - treating others how they would like to be treated.

Confident - preparing our children for a world which is changing every day, to tackle new things with confidence.

Honest - telling the truth, to say what we mean and do what we say we are going to do.

Independent - foster a love of learning and promote independence and encourage questioning.

Equal - celebrate the difference and individuality of others

Even Toffee is now 'Achieving with Archie!' He is getting much more confident all around the class!



Our Golden Book person for July 2018 is Brooke for her more focussed and positive approach to her work...keep it up in year four.


Our Golden Book person for June 2018 is Adam for his calm and peaceful approach to the classroom that is now interacting much more!


Our Golden Book person for May 2018 is Matthew D. For really taking a calmer approach to his wealth of learning now - well done!




Our Golden Book person for April 2018 is Owen. For really showing signs of independent thinking… well done Owen!


Our Golden Book person for March 2018 is Kyle M. He is really trying hard in lots of areas… well done Kyle!


Our Golden Book person for February 2018 is Matthew S. A consistently reliable and efficient learner… well done Matthew!


Our Golden Book person for January 2018 is Ella. An all-round thorough approach to her learning… well done Ella!


Our Golden Book person for  December 2017 is Hannah Kuok. Very hard-working and conscientious approach to her learning… well done Hannah!




Our Golden Book person for November 2017 is Daisy Nash. A very happy member of the class....well done Daisy!

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Year 3 and 4 Spelling List

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