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Well Done Year 2 and Annesley Primary School for raising £130.58 for some new weighing scales.

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2







Our Learning Challenge is...



Why don't birds fly to space?




What and where is space?

Who has been there?

Can we design breathing apparatus?

What would you need to get there?

What can we see from space?

Can we make a paper aeroplane?

What is gravity?

What is habitat?

What is camouflage?

What else can fly?

Can all birds fly?

Can we build a nest?

What is a lifecycle?

Can we move things without touching them using an invisible force?

What have we seen that will be remembered?



The emphasis will be adding detail to their writing, starting sentences in different ways and making better punctuation/vocabulary choices. They will write for longer periods to improve stamina and use the success ladder in the classroom to be more involved in the marking process and learn what to do to improve their own work and reach personal targets. The children will be asked to write for different purposes and produce a greater volume of work in the time available. Children will learn to join their writing and begin to use the correct spelling choices.

Autumn Term's focus will be:


Learning the different spelling lists in Year 2. There are now 7 different ones!

Creating noun phrases.

Contraction matching

Contraction matching 1

Numeracy- What will we cover?

We have mental maths daily, including fast recall of number bonds and children will begin to learn their tables. The new curriculum expects children to be able to tell the time in minutes past and to know digital equivalents by the end of the year 2. This is a huge ask of young children and will require constant input throughout the year. Children will talk about numbers to 100 and beyond and share what they know about them and link their knowledge.

Autumn Term's focus will be:

Adding and subtracting 2 digit and 1 digit numbers

Solving calculations using all 4 operations + - x ÷

Finding fractions of amounts and numbers



Reading-What will we cover

This is a huge part of year 2. Children will get at least 2 books each week. one, sometimes two, will be guided texts chosen my me. The other will be a free choice made by your child from the appropriate level. Children need 4 reads at home each week to be in the Friday assembly and get a sticker on their bookmark. We have 1/2 hour of reading activities each morning so reading folders will need to be in school every day. A huge emphasis will be developing good reading comprehension skills. Children will be asked to answer verbal and written questions about what they have read. You can really support your child through asking questions about what they have read and asking children to locate information/answers in the text.

Autumn Term's Focus:

Enjoy reading everyday to an adult at home.

Remember to write in your child's Reading Diary ever time you listen to them read.

Remember there are rewards for getting 4 reads in your Reading Diary each week.



Our good worker of the week...





Our Golden Book person...




We have PE every Thursday afternoon. Additional sessions may take place during the week so I would suggest children bring their kit every Monday and leave it in school until Friday when it can go home to be washed.

Year 2 are lucky enough to swim every Friday.

Please bring swimming kit every Friday morning.



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