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We can't wait to see everyone back on Thursday 6th September!

Year 1

Forest School sessions will run on a Wednesday afternoon in year 1, the same group of 10 children will go outside every Wednesday for a whole term. The children will take part in a range of activities and even get the chance to use tools and make a fire!

This Forest Schools group will be taking place every Wednesday afternoon until July 11th, please make sure your child brings weather appropriate clothing as we go outside in all weathers. 

Week 1


We had lots of fun at our first week at Forest Schools, we played lots of different games to get us used to the environment. We played 'pass the bogey', '1,2,3 where are you?!' and 'meet a tree' where we had to take a friend to a tree we like. We talked about what the tree looked like, felt like and then we had a go at climbing it! After a drink and a biscuit we went on a long journey to find our little friends. We had to step over logs, creep under low branches and help our friends to be safe. When we got to the friendship tree Miss Housley told us that the sneezy dragon had sneezed their houses down! We decided to help them by building them new houses using sticks, tree bark and leaves. Some children decided to make sling shots to stop the dragon from coming back! We had lots of fun!

Week 2

This week at Forest Schools we found a letter from the sneezy dragon saying his was very sorry for what he did last week and asking us if we could help him to stop sneezing. We decided to make him some special drinks to make him feel better, some of us made him hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake. We left the drinks infront of the friendship tree so the dragon would be able to find them!

Week 3

This week in Forest Schools we did a nature hunt! We really enjoyed looking for all the different objects, some of us even decided to make something with the objects we found, we made a person and a zoo out of the objects!

Week 4

This week at Forest School we found a map which led us to the Enchanted Forest! We worked together to read and follow the map, when we got to the Enchanted Forest we found a letter from our little friends! They asked us if we could help them to make some new magic wands, we used sticks and flowers to make some magic wands! We then had a go at making some dens, we made a den using tarpaulin and one out of sticks.