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Year 1

Forest School sessions will run on a Wednesday afternoon in year 1, the same group of 10 children will go outside every Wednesday for a whole term. The children will take part in a range of activities and even get the chance to use tools and make a fire!

This Forest Schools group will be taking place every Wednesday afternoon until March 28th, please make sure your child brings weather appropriate clothing as we go outside in all weathers. 

Week 1


We really enjoyed our first week at Forest Schools! We started off by sharing our ideas about what Forest Schools is and what we are looking forward to doing, we then played a game called "1,2,3 where are you?!" where we had to hide in different places! This was a good chance for us to explore the woodlands and get to know the area. We had some time to explore and play in the different areas such as the mud kitchen. We had a short break for some hot chocolate, Miss Housley told us we were going to go on a journey to find her little friends who live in the woods. We had to creep really quietly so we didn't scare them off. When we got there we found out that the Very Sneezy Dragon had sneezed and scared all of our little friends away! We decided to help them we needed to scare the dragon off, we sneezed really loudly everytime we saw him to scare him off. Some children made ninja sticks to use if the dragon came back whilst others decided to make new homes for our little friends using sticks and leafs, they even left some berries for when they get hungry. We can't wait for next week!