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Sport Relief - Thursday 22nd March 18

Year 1

Forest School sessions will run on a Wednesday afternoon in year 1, the same group of 10 children will go outside every Wednesday for a whole term. The children will take part in a range of activities and even get the chance to use tools and make a fire!

This Forest Schools group will be taking place every Wednesday afternoon until March 28th, please make sure your child brings weather appropriate clothing as we go outside in all weathers. 

Week 1


We really enjoyed our first week at Forest Schools! We started off by sharing our ideas about what Forest Schools is and what we are looking forward to doing, we then played a game called "1,2,3 where are you?!" where we had to hide in different places! This was a good chance for us to explore the woodlands and get to know the area. We had some time to explore and play in the different areas such as the mud kitchen. We had a short break for some hot chocolate, Miss Housley told us we were going to go on a journey to find her little friends who live in the woods. We had to creep really quietly so we didn't scare them off. When we got there we found out that the Very Sneezy Dragon had sneezed and scared all of our little friends away! We decided to help them we needed to scare the dragon off, we sneezed really loudly everytime we saw him to scare him off. Some children made ninja sticks to use if the dragon came back whilst others decided to make new homes for our little friends using sticks and leafs, they even left some berries for when they get hungry. We can't wait for next week!

Week 2


This week in Forest Schools we had a look to see if the things we made for our little friends were still there, when we got there we found lots of clues, the leafs had fallen down and some of the berries had gone! We followed the clues and found a note at the friendship tree, it was from the very sneezy dragon! It said that he was sorry for blowing down our little friends houses and asked us if we could help him, we decided to make medicine to help him feel better. We made a trail out of sticks to help the dragon find the potions. After a break we played a game called 'meet a tree' where we had to take a partner to a tree and look at it together, we talked about the tree and some of us even had a go at climbing it!

Week 3


This week in Forest Schools we had a list of items from our little friends so we went on a nature hunt! We collected sticks, pine cones, stones and we had to try and find something colourful; this was really tricky! After that we decided to play in the mud, some of us put mud on our faces and made mud faces on the trees! After a break we found some big sticks, we decided to make some dens! We then played some games called 'pass the bogey' and 'vanish' where we had to hide in 2 seconds! 

Week 4


This week in Forest Schools we went on an adventure to the enchanted forest! We had to go over hills, under trees and step over large branches! When we got to the enchanted forest Miss Housley told us the story of our little friends, they went to hide in the enchanted forest when the dragon blew their houses away! In the enchanted forest lived fairies, elves, trolls and a wise old wizard! Some children chose to make a magic wand, we used these magic wandsto play a game of 'freeze tag' where we used to magic wands to freeze each other! We also played a game called '1,2,3 hide from the giant' where we took it in turns to be the giant. We carried on playing these games after we had some hot chocolate!

Week 5


This week in Forest Schools we searched for woodland animals, we looked for clues such as aniamls houses, footprints and nests. We found lots of different types of birds and we looked at the signs to see if we could work out what birds we saw. Some children then decided to make bird nests and animal houses. After a hot chocolate break we found some ice, we pretended to go ice skating on it, it was lots of fun!

Week 6


We had a very cold and wet session this week so we had to try and keep warm! We played lots of running games and jumped in some very big and muddy puddles! We had some time to play in the trees where it was nice and warm, some children played in the mud kitchen and climbed some trees whilst others explored playing in the mud! Some children pretended to do face paints with the mud, it was very funny! After a hot chocolate we decided to go inside to dry off, we wrote kind things about ourselves and our friends on some love hearts for valentines day and had another hot chocolate to warm us up!

Week 7


This week in Forest Schools we looked for early signs of Spring, we found the sun, flowers and lots of sticky mud! Some of us decorated the trees with mud and their faces! We found some rope and a large stick so we decided to make a rope swing, we had lots of fun taking it in turns to have a go on the rope swing, even Miss Housley had a go too!

Week 8


This week in Forest Schools we went on a bug hunt! We had a list of bugs to find outside, we used magnifying glasses and little cups to collect the bugs in, we had to be very careful with them! We found lots of different bugs, we found loads of wiggily worms! We also found some slugs, a spider and some snail shells. We had lots of fun digging in the dirt and finding all of the different bugs!