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Year 5 and 6 - Hagg Farm Residential Visit 22/0519 - 24/05/19

We applaude you.....



Not only does your mum check you have added comments to your reads but she also adds comments of her own about what she has read ! Well done Mum , you have earned a place on our parent Wall of Fame .


Your dad has helped you crack short division - can you come and help the rest of the Eagles ? You deserve this special mention.


Your mum writes excellent comments about what you have read together , in your reading diary. You also made her write out 'off' until she learnt to spell it correctly, well done Mum.


We love that your parents have renamed you Mr.T after our tribute to your t crossing struggles , in Golden Book. This will definitely stick .


We love when our parents dob in their children , well done Mum .Come on Rowan, write your reads into your diary as you do them !


We love that your mum checks up on your handwriting , just like we do . Keep practising Sam .....and Mum , let us know if you see an improvement.


Your mum loves Annesley so much and doesn't want you to leave ! In fact we are getting notes addressed to Mr.Eccleston! 

(We are sad that it is Grace's last year too)

Eve , Olivia and Chelsea.

It was great to see your parents at our numeracy drop-in session this week. We hope they enjoyed it and saw how hard we all work . We really enjoy parents taking an interest in learning . Thank you.

Rowan (again)

Your mum's use of apostrophes (party invitations) is excellent . Well done mum .


Well done Mum for ringing to tell us Dylan had forgotten his P.E kit .Your mum knows the year 6 timetable better than you do Dylan!


Well done Mum and Dad for restricting Zacharys' time ,until we have finished SATs. You understand how important his learning is , thank you.

Olivia (and Daisy)

It's brilliant that you have both started kickboxing classes - after our in school lessons - it is a great way to exercise and learn about self defence and self discipline. Well done mum and dad for supporting the girls.

Rowans mum (again , again)

Thank you for coming into school and running a lunch time craft club . The children have loved it and we may be stealing some of your ideas.