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100% Attendance Winners: Jessica Hornsey-£40, Owen Baggaley-£20 and Connor Gregory-£20

Summer 2 - Archie Bear

15/06/2018 - TYLER.B and ISABELLA . We have started our play practises and already you two are shining stars . You take direction very well , showing RESPECT and you encourage all your friends , especially in the singing/dancing parts.

22/06/2018 - NATHAN and TERRY . You are making me giggle as our bumbling policemen in this years play . You are becoming more AMBITIOUS with your adlibbing , which makes you even more hilarious .

29/06/2018 - ETHAN and FAITH . You have both gone out of your comfort zones this week and been really AMBITIOUS . Ethan , you spoke up with confidence at Kirkby College this week and Faith , you are throwing yourself , literally , into your role as the Baroness .

06/07/2018 - HARVEY , I have had some lovely comments from our mid-day supervisors about how polite you are . In fact one said 'Harvey has the best manners in school. .' This has made me feel so proud . You are a RESPECTFUL young man and a great role model for Annesley .

13/07/2018 - LOUISE , you are stepping out of your comfort zone and showing real confidence , as the narrator, in our y6 show . Good for you !