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Summer 1 - Quality Quotes

"Year 6 Quality Quotes "



FIZZY - What's that liquid on the table ? Is it toast ?


OWEN - There's a bug in the toilets , it's a wasp as big as a bee !! (It was a bee)


EVERYONE - You can tell Jake's not been to boosters !!!!!!!


JAKE - Mrs.Wraith is about to pop an eye gasket !


MILLIE - I might have been blinking.....I blink a lot !


FAITH - I'm getting a new cat ...

MISS.GEESON - When are you getting it ?

FAITH - When the cat I have now dies...

(very forward thinking Faith !)


MILLIE (on residential) - I don't care what anyone says Liv , we smell like fish .


HAYDEN (on residential) - Look , a llama ! (it was a sheep)