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Our choir sang with Voces 8 vocal group at Worksop College, see our Latest News.

Summer 1

Our topic for this half term will be: Which wild animals and plants thrive in our locality? 


Image result for uk wild flower meadow

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Which wild flowers will we find near our school? 

How would Georgia O'Keeffe

have painted these flowers? 

Would dinosaurs have roamed Annesley?
How did they die out? 

Why are large wild animals,

like tigers, in danger of extinction


Which birds can we see

from our class window? 

How can we encourage more

to visit?



Don't forget our residential to Beaumanor. 

What will we learn about the great outdoors on our camping trip?


In numeracy we will continue to improve our recall of multiplication and division facts, including our use of inverse calculations. We will consolidate our work on decimals and our ability to answer  word problems relating to money. We will learn to tell the time to the nearest minute and to convert analogue to digital and vice versa. The children will be introduced to the 24 hour clock and calculate time intervals.


In literacy we will continue to monitor and improve our standard English, and develop our range of formal phrases so that we can write in different styles, to suit audience and purpose. We will look at viewpoint, based around "Zoo" by Anthony Browne, and consider the issues that are raised in the book. The children will have the opportunity to write across the curriculum and edit their information writing, to ensure that it is coherent and precise.



In science we will explore the different wild flowers and birds in the locality and learn how to classify all living things into categories. The children will be able to identify the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and draw a classification diagram. They will learn how animals adapt to their habitats and how to create a bird box.





This term we will exploring special buildings.  

We will be looking in detail at churches, temples, mosques and synagogues to understand their shape, layout and special features. 

The children will also look at how art work is used to express beliefs in a place of worship and design their own stained glass windows.