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Cake and Sweet Sale tomorrow at 10.30a.m. Please do not bring more than £1.





We will be continuing our work on World War II but concentrating more on the life in Germany and the holocaust . We will look at how children in Germany were affected and especially Jewish families .

We will be asking questions such as :


How were people affected in Germany in WW2?

Why did so many people leave Germany?

Who were the Jews?

What was the Holocaust?





In literacy, we will be continuing with our book 'The Boy In The Tower' and delving more into the characters of Ade , Mum and Gaia , plus some new characters. We will also be reading 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas', in line with our topic work. We will be using both of these texts to fine tune our comprehension skills and develop our understanding of why authors use a variation of persuasive devices in their writing .

As SATs are fast approaching we will be consolidating all those gaps in our grammar, learning and making sure we are familiar  with those tricky spelling rules .


Reasoning questions will be the main focus of this half term, we will learn to ANNOTATE, ANNOTATE, ANNOTATE and make sure we follow every step (remember, some questions have up to 5 steps before you get to the answer). We will carry on with our weekly arithmetic tests , to grab those easy marks and our times table challenges. We will also look at co-ordinates , data handling , reflection , symmetry and translation .

14/03/2018 - Well done to everyone ,who dressed as their favourite characters , on our rescheduled World Book Day . You looked amazing .

16/03/2018 - Mr.Geeson , from Morven Park , came to do a rowing challenge with us - it was soooo tiring .


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The girlies are loving their wheel .

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16/03/2018 - Laps around the field for Sports Relief .