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The winners of the Poppy Canvas Competition are: Jude for FS, Chase for KS1 and Oliviah for KS2. Well done to all entrants and thank you to our Friends from the Royal British Legion for having the awful task of having to judge the competition.







Can you become Willy Wonka's next apprentice?


1.The ancient Mayans, who were they and why are they important?

2.The journey of chocolate , from bean to bar.

3.Chocolate tasting , which do you prefer?

4.Designing our chocolate boxes , will yours be fit for purpose?

5.Creating our unique brand of chocolate .

6.Using our designs to create our chocolate boxes .


We are beginning our ramp up to SATs , so be prepared to hit the ground running . In grammar we will be learning about prepositions, prepositional phrases, pronouns (including possessive) , present perfect and the subjunctive form .  In writing we will look at using more sophisticated punctuation to improve our work.  We will be use the book 'Boy in the Tower' as our main focus  and  apply our GPS knowledge to improve the flow of our narrative writing.   We will also be writing our own instructions and learn why structure and well chosen language is important for the reader.  Remember to practise your spellings, as we will continue with our daily quizzes . Our guided reading sessions will be more probing , using inference to find the authors intent.


Our numeracy will be getting progressively more tricky , reasoning being the main focus . We will learn how to systematically tackle those four and five step questions . Most of the work for this half term will be centered around shape and measure.  We will continue to do our weekly arithmetic tests and daily times table challenges to help your pace .