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Spring 2

Spring 2

What kind of jobs do grown-ups do?

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What do paramedics do? What kind of jobs are done in a hospital? What jobs do police officers do? What do firefighters do? What kind of jobs are done in a school?



The children loved dressing up as their favourite book characters and sharing some of their favourite stories.



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This half term our star author is Lynley Dodd. Therefore, we will be reading the Hairy Maclary books and doing some writing based around them. As we are now further into Spring, most of our writing is going to be based around Spring and the things we see and do at Spring time. Children will have the opportunity to write sentences using their phonics to pull out the sounds in the words.



In the first three weeks the children will be learning addition and subtraction to 10. Children will be invited to place the numbers in order and say which number is 1 more/1 less. Using quantities and objects, they'll add and subtract two numbers and count on or back to find the answer. In the last two weeks we'll move onto numbers to 20. Children will learn to count reliably from 1-20, recognise numbers to 20 and be able to count out 20 objects.


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Star of the Week

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16.03.18 Ellie







Look at our ARCHIE children!


16.03.18 Thomas - Thomas has been using fabulous manners at lunch time and was spotted by the dinner ladies. Well done for being respectful Thomas :)