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Well Done Year 2 and Annesley Primary School for raising £130.58 for some new weighing scales.

Spring 2

Our Learning Challenge is...

What will we find lurking beneath the surface of the sea?


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What different types of animals are there? What do different animals eat? Can you make a boat to travel across the five oceans? Can you create a piece of ocean art work? How big is a blue whale? Can you make the perfect home for a sea creature?





In literacy we will be looking at information texts. We will be learning when and how to use question marks, how to put words into alphabetical order and will eventually make our very own shark fact files. We will also be looking at fantasy stories and will work on making our writing more interesting by using adventurous words and a variety of conjunctions. Towards the end of this half term we will be reading, performing and even writing our very own poetry!





This half term we will continue our work on money. We will also start to look at fractions and will work on telling the time at o'clock and half past. 



Our Golden Book Person is...





Our Archie Children are...





Our Good Worker of the week is...