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100% Attendance Winners: Jessica Hornsey-£40, Owen Baggaley-£20 and Connor Gregory-£20

Spring 1 - Good Work



This weeks person of the week is ....................





12/01/2018 - GRACE , your numeracy is coming on in leaps and bounds and you are beginning to make those important connections. You have come back after the Christmas break with a real can do attitude . Keep it up !

19/01/2018 - KEIRA and OLIVER . You both did an excellent job writing your wartime diaries , you had all the correct features and the right level of formality . But Keira , you just pipped it with you clever and sophisticated style . Well done.

02/02/2018 - MAXWELL , you have worked really well in maths this week , tackling some tricky angle reasoning . We know you are good at maths but you have not shown off about this at all , in fact you have asked questions and fixed a couple of problems and you have been supportive helpful towards others in your group . I like this . Well done .

09/02/2018 - Tyler Reece , you were amazing in our swing dance p.e lessons over the last three weeks , showing a mature and confident attitude . Your work in literacy and numeracy has also been great this week . Keep it up , well done .