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Spring 1



United States of America


In the first half of the Spring term, we will be studying the United States of America as our topic.  We will be looking at its amazing history, culture, geography and climate.


We will be asking questions such as:

Who were the original Americans?

What do you know about the climate of the USA?

What do you know about the culture that has influenced the rest of the world?

Can we create Pop Art , in the style of Andy Warhol?


Picture 1
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Our topic board showing the questions we will be looking at :

Our topic board showing the questions we will be looking at : 1


To connect with our topic 'USA' this term, we shall be looking at the American 'Pop' artist Andy Warhol, who created some of the most iconic images of famous people from popular ('pop') culture, such as Mohammed Ali, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon as well as everyday objects such as Campbell's soup cans or converse trainers.  We shall try to recreate this 'Pop Art'! Wow!




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       Literacy - as a class we  will be reading 'Holes' by Louis Sachar; we will be using this to look at persuasive writing , letter writing and advertising.





In S.P.A.G we will be looking at a new way to improve our spelling in our writing and create even more ambitious vocabulary to use. 




Remember ,we still need to use everything else we have learnt so we can reach the top of the S.P.A.G ladder.


Spelling is very important this year and , like times tables ,we will be doing them everyday. Try to learn them to stand a chance of challenging a teacher to a spell-off.  


In numeracy this half term we will be concentrating on;



Data and graphs


Roman Numerals

Our weekly arithmetic tests will continue and don't forget to practise your times tables ready for our superhero challenges.

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We will be investigating, gears, pulleys and levers.

Image result for pulleys and leversImage result for pulleys and leversImage result for pulleys and levers