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Sock Puppet Challenge!

Half Term Holiday Competition Challenge!



The half term holiday is now here and I have a new and exciting challenge for you and your children to take part in. Every house must lose socks in the wash creating lots of odd socks on the loose! I now have an answer to your problem…


What I would like you to do is to create your very own sock puppet! They can be any colour, shape and size and of course, it will need a name.


All Sock Puppets need to be in school by Friday 2nd March and the winners will be announced the following Monday in assembly. There will be a winner from KS1 and a winner from KS2. Both winners will receive a prize!


Please feel free to email your entry pictures to and I will pop them on the website.


I can’t wait to meet your new creations!

Here are some of the Sock Puppet entries that I received by email...

Here are the winners from KS1


In 1st place was Limara Elliott



                                                                                 In 2nd place was Jake Olver                                                                               


In 3rd place was Jennifer Curtis Year 2


Here are the winners from KS2


In 1st place was Izaac Kelly


In 2nd place was Cyrah-Leigh Sissons


In 3rd Place was Jayden Meldrum


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Children's Craft Challenge!

I thought they were all amazing - Mr Askew had a really tough job deciding the winners!