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The winners of the Poppy Canvas Competition are: Jude for FS, Chase for KS1 and Oliviah for KS2. Well done to all entrants and thank you to our Friends from the Royal British Legion for having the awful task of having to judge the competition.

Reading Information


Remember :

  • You need to have done AT LEAST 4 reads per week (Friday pm to Friday am).
  • There must be AT LEAST one read signed by an adult , this can be an adult at home or at school.
  • Guided reads in class DO NOT count as they are group reads with support.
  • Your reads MUST be recorded in your reading diary . If you forget to take your diary home you can log your reads onto a piece of paper and stick it into your diary at school (this is your responsibility). Scraps of paper WILL NOT be accepted , unless stuck in diaries.
  • The DATE and BOOK TITLE must be written in your diary.
  • You MUST write a comment in your diary about what you have read , try to infer from the text you have read from , make a prediction or tell us what you have enjoyed . "I read at bedtime" or "I love reading" IS NOT an acceptable comment .This will help you with comprehension tests , so get into the habit of doing it.
  • Diaries are collected first thing Friday morning , it is your responsibility to make sure it is in the basket to be checked , not mine or your mums !This applies to homework also !