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Year 3 and 4 Residential next week to Hagg Farm (21/05/18)

Good Work

Who is in the Good Work assembly?

15.9.17 - Callum Field - you have settled in really well into year 4 and are showing good independence. A great story for homework!

22.9.17 - Caitlin Gorewoda - you used great detail in your lively writing about the creature eating the teachers!

29.9.17 - Natasha Askew - you used the information well from our History lesson about Hadrian's Wall to write a Roman soldier's diary!

6.10.17 - Connor Gregory - you did a really careful pointillist picture of a volcano and have also done extra homework!

13.10.17 - Joe Lewis - you worked really patiently with small pieces of paper to create a colourful mosaic of a Roman axe!

3.11.17 - Alexia Willett - you really persevere in maths lessons and are keen to encourage others to learn from mistakes!

10.11.17 - Joshua Thompson - you are a really good role model in your reading. You are keen to read and did well in your test!

1.12.17 - Grace Brownson!  You know your times tables really well and you can do written multiplication up to four digits.

8.12.17 - Caelan Fairweather. You scored maximum marks in the arithmetic test.

15.12.17 - Shaylen Hunt. You attempted the most difficult problem and got it right after showing your working out.

12.1.18 - Cory Hardwick. You used good problem solving skills this week - patience, perseverance and looking for patterns.

19.1.18 - Molly Morton. You have showed good independence in maths this week and are really working well now

2.2.18 - Emily Marlow - you used an imaginative range of vocabulary when you described the puppets. 

9.2.18 -  Riley Pickford - you used a really good level of detail in writing the story of "Flotsam" 

15.3.18 - Ellie Loar - you are amazing at fractions and your maths work has really improved. 

20.4.18 - Matilda Hutson - you were very good at looking at illustrations in "Zoo" and talking about them. Your literacy work has been excellent.

11.5.18 - Alfie Newstead - you showed a fantastic attitude this week. You supported younger children very well. 

18.5.18 - Callum Brown - you have really listened well in maths and improved your arithmetic scores.