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Golden Book


Golden Book 


 Well done Matilda  You have started year 4 with a fantastic attitude. You listen very carefully and are keen to improve and succeed. You also have a lovely sense of humour. Keep up the good work!


Well done Cyrah-Leigh ! You are a really caring and hard-working member of the class and a friend to everyone. You listened very well and make sure that you follow the advice given so that you can work independently and make progress.


November - Well done! Emily  You have shown that you are focusing really well on doing your best work. You have a good sense of humour and I really like the interesting answers that you give in lessons.


December - Well done! Grace  You are really determined to do well and have come on in leaps and bounds in your maths work. You are a very good team member and always care about others in classes. 


January - Well done! Joe . You are a very good role model in our class. You are always the first to be ready and have beautiful manners. You are very determined to improve and achieve the best that you can do, especially in maths. 


February - Well done! Alexia  You have worked really hard to improve your work and shown great determination. You are a super member of the class - always helpful and willing to help others. 


March - Well done! Ellie  You have developed a really good attitude in class towards your work. We have noticed your increased determine to do well and succeed, particularly in maths and you are making good decisions about who to work with.


April - Well done! Kassius  You have developed much more independence in your approach to school life. You work hard and persevere if anything becomes tricky. You are interested in all our topics and bring in extra items from home to discuss with us.


May - Well done! Thalia  You are enthusiastic in everything that you do. Your sporting ability is amazing and so is your sense of teamwork. You work hard in all subjects and a good role model in our class. 


June - Well Done! Natasha.  You are a true friend to everyone in class and work wonderfully with whoever is in your group.  You have worked hard in numeracy developing your confidence to try before asking for help.  Your literacy has really improved and your creativity really shines through in your work.