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Year 5 and 6 - Hagg Farm Residential Visit 22/0519 - 24/05/19

Golden Book


Golden Book 


January - Well done Lucy Tideswell!  You are a star in  class. You are always the first one ready to start a lesson. You work well with everyone and you are interested in everything that we do, and determined to do well. Keep it up. 

February - Well done Oliver Cooney! You are such a kind and polite member of the class. Everyone loves you and you are a brilliant role model. You have shown real determination to improve and have been practising skills at home. What a star! 

March - Well done Oliver Saxton-Barlow! You are showing real enthusiasm to improve. Your times tables are so much better and you are enjoying reading more. You work well with other children and you are a really trustworthy pupil. You should be proud of yourself!

May - Well done Claudia Cotton! You are a fantastic role model in our class. You always give of your best in your work and are keen to improve. You have great ideas about our topics. You are a superstar! 

June - Well done Kyle Aram! You are such a gentle and caring member of the class. You have a good word for everyone and do whatever you can for other people. You have shown real determination in mastering aspects of school that you find tricky and were an absolute star on Sports Day!