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Year 5 and 6 - Hagg Farm Residential Visit 22/0519 - 24/05/19

Golden Book

Our Golden Book person for September 2018 is..... 
 MATILDA , you have made a fantastic start to year 5 . You are enthusiastic about learning and give 100% in every lesson. You are a kind and compassionate young lady , a friend to everyone. Also , I am hearing lots of great comments about you from other adults in school - which makes me very proud . Well done.

 Our Golden Book person for October 2018 is ...

LUCAS . You are really growing in confidence already this year . A popular member of the Falcons , you have a great friendship group . You are still a little quiet sometimes in class but we are working on this and your hand is up more and more . Well done .

 Our Golden Book person for November 2018 is:

HENLEY. You are impressing me every day Henley . Your work ethic is brilliant , you give 100% in everything you do . I know your preference is maths (and this shows in your scores) but you apply the same attention to literacy and all of our topic work too. You are also a great sportsman , a team player and a great advocate for our school. Well done .



  Our Golden Book person for January 2019 is:

Amelia . You are a superstar in my class . You are so helpful , not only to me but to all your friends too . A popular member of our class , you avoid conflict and try to resolve squabbles , without getting involved . Your learning is accelerating in both literacy and numeracy and you have a great 'I can't now but I will be able to soon ' attitude to everything you do. Well done.

Our Golden Book person for February 2019 is :

    Lara. You are one of the most helpful people I have ever met , always asking for jobs and tidying up after me. You are a great member of Mrs.Weavers' ,PALs team. Your perseverance is improving - I am hearing much less of 'I can't' and more of 'I'm going to fix this'. This positive attitude is going to take you far Lara , I am very proud of you.

Our Golden Book person for March 2019 is :

Caelan . You are the reason I became a teacher . You have a fantastic attitude in everything you do . You are friends with everyone and never get involved in squabbles . You work hard in every lesson and apply what you have been taught . You make me proud every day and make my job worthwhile. Thank you Caelan and well done.


Our Golden Book person for April 2019 is : 


Our Golden Book person for May 2019 is :

Alexia. Your enthusiasm in everything you do is infectious , you will have a go at anything and keep trying until you have mastered every challenge. You join in everything in school and are totally immersed in your learning . A great helper to all the adults in school and a chief hen lookerafterer. You are amazing and will go very far in life. Well done.

Our Golden Book person for June 2019 is :

Izaac. You are such a smart boy, you excel at maths and science, and are trying hard to get more done in writing as you have a fabulous imagination. There have been some hic-cups this year but you are working hard to fix them. I have really enjoyed teaching you this year and I am sure your next teacher will feel the same. Well done.

Our Golden Book person for July 2019 is :