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Golden Book

Our Golden Book person for September 2017 is..... 

You have made a fantastic start to year 5 . Your work is amazing , you always give 100% and are a good all rounder in every subject. You are a perfect role model to the rest of the class . WELL DONE .

 Our Golden Book person for October 2017 is ...


You make me smile every single day Cody , your imagination knows no bounds and this is beginning to show in your writing (which I know you love doing!)  . You are working hard in all our subjects and progressing well . Keep it up .

 Our Golden Book person for November 2017 is:


Isabelle D. 

Isabelle, you excel in everything you do - especially numeracy . You are super organised and your work is always beautifully presented . You set yourself high goals and persevere until you reach them . You are improving at working as part of a team and beginning to enjoy this . Well done .

Our Golden Book person for December 2017 is:



Grace O'Connor 

Grace, you are always give 100% in everything you do and always with a smile on your face.  You want to improve and work hard at making sure you fully understand your maths, which is a fantastic quality.  You are a pleasure to have in Y 5!



  Our Golden Book person for January 2018 is:

Chelsea Bains

Chelsea has shown enthusiasm and verve for everything she attempts in and out of school ,whether it is sharing her faith in an RE lesson or raising money for charity.


Chelsea always volunteers and exemplifies the ethos of the school, showing all our ARCHIE values on a daily basis. She represents the school in sporting events, is a librarian and played an active part in the Christmas Show.

Chelsea loves performing and no doubt will thrive in the up-coming Musical Evening , bringing what she learnt from the Britain’s Got Talent audition to the more glamorous stage of Annesley Primary.

Chelsea thank you for making teaching you a joy and keep just being you.

Our Golden Book person for February 2018:

    Isobelle Lewis

 This comes as no surprise as Isobelle has shown nothing but determination and a love for learning since September. She was one of the first to obtain a pen licence and has continued to strive to better herself in everything ;from maths (where she is now part of the G&T group), to sport where she always gives 100%. Isobelle has great confidence in herself , allowing her to continue to work , even through times when she finds it difficult  . Her resilience and self belief have allowed her to excel and I see no limits to what she can achieve.

Our Golden Book person for March 2018 is :

 Ellie Reynolds . Ellie you have grown do much since you joined Your confidence is increasing daily and you are now putting up your hand to have a go in class . Mr.Lancashire and Mrs.McGowan sing your praises after every lesson you have with them . Keep it up , well done .

Our Golden Book person for April 2018 is : DYLAN C.

You have really impressed me this year Dylan , you are focused on your learning and have a thirst for knowledge. Your work is of a high standard , as you like to show off your abilities to the full . You are enjoying the sessions you spend in year 6 and tell me about all the new things you have learnt each week . You know when to have fun and when to knuckle down and use this balance well . WELL DONE. 

Our Golden Book person for May 2018 is :

Dale. You have been making fantastic progress recently , your scores are soaring . Your confidence in your learning is growing and your hand is up to answer every question . I am enjoying seeing you engaged in lessons and having a go at every challenge . Keep it up Dale , you are a superstar .

Our Golden Book person for June 2018 is :Erin

Well , Erin , finally the day has come for you to be in Golden Book ! Your constant badgering has paid off ! Just joking ! You are my person this month because you have really begun to switch on with your learning . Your literacy scores are going up and up (we won't mention spellings though) and although I know that maths is not your favourite subject , you are trying hard and beginning to make connections Well Done .

Our Golden Book person for July 2018 is :