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Our Summer Fete was fabulous! Well done to all our volunteers, stallholders P4P and staff...what an excellent team. Harry Y1 won the Kindle Fire 7, Callum B Y4 won the Designer Sunglasses, Charlie Y1 won the cake and Laura Elyard won the Annesley Hobby Horse.

Coffee Morning


Sometimes you just need to talk or listen to other parents to realise that your child is not the 'only one' who is struggling or has tantrums, still wets the bed or might be learning at a slower pace than their peers.

Talking things through in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere could be all you need to put your mind at rest. This could be the start of new friendships, time out for you and a chance to talk to like minded parents over a coffee.

Coffee Morning dates for this year are:

Friday 2nd March

Friday 20th April

Friday 4th May

Friday 8th June

Friday 6th July

Come along to the school meeting room from 9am until 10:30am.

I look forward to seeing you there.