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Autumn 2 - Quality Quotes

"Year 6 Quality Quotes "


Joshua - I don't know where my name is ! 


Millie - What is a spoon?


Tyler B - You know that salad cream dressing ?

Miss.Geeson - What , salad cream......

Tyler B - Yeah that one .


Lucy - I wish I'd been a PUNKIN at Halloween .


Owen - I slipped on the cheese .


Fizzy - Do you want this Blu-tac ,that I fount (!) on the bottom of my shoe, Miss.Geeson ?


Nathan - There is no cheese.


Faith - We store water in the taps.


Joshua - I can do maths but I can't put a chair under a table.


Hayden - I really get long multiplication.

Mrs.Wraith - That's great , we're doing long division though.


Mrs.Wraith - Which birds have nectar feeding beaks?

Oliver - Butterflies ?


Maxwell - Why isn't there a mirror in the library so I can do my hair ?


Jake - Cheats never prosper .


Olivia - This library smell of wood .

Isabella - Errr , that's because it's made of wood .


Faith (in literacy )- I just love geography.


Josh (to Maxwell) - It looks like you have Yoda ears on !


Milie - What is a mobile phone?