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100% Attendance Winners: Jessica Hornsey-£40, Owen Baggaley-£20 and Connor Gregory-£20

Autumn 2 - Good Work


This weeks person of the week is ....................



03/11/2017 - TYLER B , your maths scores in our tests this week were top of the class , you could already pass y6 . You was also a great sport when the dastardly Falcons kidnapped you ! WELL DONE.

10/11/2017 - LOUISE and OLIVIA you both blew me away with your metaphorical poems , comparing a tornado to an animal . You both showed a sophistication in your writing beyond your years , but LOUISE you just pipped it by making your poem rhyme . WELL DONE.

01/12/2017 - HAYDEN your arithmetic score this week was amazing , you are really switching on in your learning and I love how proud you are of your achievements . WELL DONE.

12/12/2017 - OLIVIA and MAXWELL . Your moderated writes were superb but Olivia your whole attitude to everything is just amazing . You are really switched on and positive . WELL DONE.

15/12/2017 - LOUISE . Yet again your Literacy was spot on this week , so much so that I used your book as my mark scheme . Beautifully presented and accurate . WELL DONE .