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The winners of the Poppy Canvas Competition are: Jude for FS, Chase for KS1 and Oliviah for KS2. Well done to all entrants and thank you to our Friends from the Royal British Legion for having the awful task of having to judge the competition.

Autumn 2




We will be continuing our work on World War II but concentrating more on the life in Germany and the holocaust . We will look at how children in Germany were affected and especially Jewish families .

We will be asking questions such as :


How were people affected in Germany in WW2?

Why did so many people leave Germany?

Who were the Jews?

What was the Holocaust?



In Literacy, we will be working on using the power of imaginary in our writing particularly poetry.  Then we will be studying a book called ' Boy in the Striped Pajamas' and all our work  will use this as a stimulus.  We will also carry out a film study project called 'The Piano', children will create mood graphs, story boards and develop their own short animation  


In Numeracy,  we will be consolidating closing those gaps on the four operations (+ - x /) , ironing out any misconceptions you may have . Looking at the connections between % , decimals and fractions and how to convert these in greater detail.  We will also be learning how to find the fraction of a number and use the four operations when working with fractions. 



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Long division in 90 seconds.

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09/11/2018 - Creating the Water Cycle in a jar.