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Autumn 2



What came first ?


Can you answer this time old question , as we set off on our journey through EVOLUTION. 

The questions we are investigating are :


1. Who is Charles Darwin and why is he so famous ?

2. Can fish really fly ?

3. Which birds beak is the best?

4. What do we know about evolution ? 

5. Are we fit to survive ?

6. Are we human , animal or bird ?

30/10/2017 - The Big Bang through art.

12/11/2017 - We looked at how birds beaks work and how they differ.



In Literacy, we will be working on using the power of imaginary in our writing particularly poetry.  Then we will be studying a book called ' The Water Tower' and all our work  will use this as a stimulus.  We will develop and produce our own book trailers and once completed will be available to view on our website.  Through this half term,  we will be writing character descriptions, diaries and also our very own sequel.  


30/10/2017 - The playground became our page as we showed off our Mum poems.

14/11/2017 - Conscience Alley . Will Spike do the right thing ?

15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning.

15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning. 1
15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning. 2
15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning. 3
15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning. 4
15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning. 5
15/12/2017 - Mrs.Wraith and Miss.Geeson took on the roles of Spike and Bubba , for our open-ended hot seat questioning. 6

20/11/2017 - As part of our Rush to Read week we had a visit from a young , up and coming author , Mr.Henshaw.

20/11/2017 - Working on our Water Tower freeze frames.

06/12/2017 - Preparing our radio adverts.

In Numeracy,  we will be consolidating closing those gaps on the four operations (+ - x /) , ironing out any misconceptions you may have . Looking at the connections between % , decimals and fractions and how to convert these in greater detail.  We will also be learning how to find the fraction of a number and use the four operations when working with fractions. 



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Long division in 90 seconds.

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03/11/2017 - Those pesky rascals , the Falcons , have kidnapped our lovely Tyler.B . So we stole your Grace .....mwahahaha

The Elfis Saga;


01/12/2017- Hey , hey , hey ...I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack !!! Oooh I've missed Annesley sooooooo much and especially my best human friends , the Eagles . After last years shock I was fully prepared for a change of children and I have not been disappointed . It's a right motley crew this year , very , very noisy ! Father Christmas is very worried about getting them all onto the nice list but I will soon whip them into shape 👍🏼. So welcome to my saga , I hope you enjoy our adventures .


02/12/2017- Well after just one day watching and sizing up the new Eagles , I had to fly back home to report to Father Christmas . I wowed him with my amazing entrance into class and told him I had passed on his letter . Unfortunately , I also had to tell him about the rule breaking that has already occurred!!! He was most disappointed to hear about Smiley Millie touching my magic leaves ...and the one called Libby ...well !!!! Shouting out that I wasn't real when I was sat right in front of her ? I know what she will be getting on Christmas Day ....some carrots to improve her eyesight !!!!!! The rest of the class didn't seem too bad though and at least the adults haven't changed , it's still Mrs.Rafe , Mrs.McGrowlin and the amazingly delightful Miss.Geeson (she's my favourite , sooooo nice.  Xxx).


03/12/2017- Oooooh I've been so busy writing up my report , checking on my pet reindeer Barry (my best friend McJingles looks after him whilst I'm away) and having tea with my girlfriend Tiffany - I'm pooped! But Father Christmas says I must elf up and get on with it ! He also stressed that I must learn all of the Eagles names before tomorrow! And there are hundreds of them ! Luckily I have a cunning plan 😃, all will be revealed tomorrow....

Right I'm off to catch my flight back to Annesley , laters.......


04/12/2017- So ,  do you remember me telling you I had a cunning plan to remember all of the Eagles names  ? Well .....(I am soooo clever)..... The easy way to remember is.....give them all ELF names !!!!! So I got rid of their boring human names and rechristened them Stinky and Jingle and Grumpy and Trumpy (apparently that one rang true with the girl -Fizzabella- that I gave it to?)  . They were all obviously super pleased and I think some of them may decide to keep their new monikers ? Unfortunately I also had to issue two warnings to Smiley Millie and Libby for their bad behaviour on Friday ...and as a punishment they each had to wear the elf hat of shame , that will teach them not to cross me . Anyway , I think they have learnt their lessons so I'm planning an extra special surprise for tomorrow. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.........


05/12/2017- TEE HEE HEE !!! Well Christmas certainly arrived in the Eagles the toilets anyway .....because I wrapped them all up !!!! Sooooooooo funny ! I hid myself in a Christmas stocking I found and waited ....and waited.........and waited.......Just as I was beginning to think that these children must have bladders of steel one of them needed the loo , the screaming could be heard for miles ! Then they all piled in to admire my handiwork (I am super fab at wrapping) . Anyway I had a good laugh whilst I watched them all in class today , I suppose they're not that bad after all , I guess I really ought to learn their human names .....yawn.........


06/12/2017- Those new Eagles...they think they are sooooo clever ! Well they're not ! Apart from the dizzy blonde one , Lucy, I'm told she's quite smart (can't see it myself) . They strolled in , all self assured 'oh the elf hasn't done ANYTHING!!' , how wrong were they hahahaaaaaa . After learning all of their names last night I was so tired I just nodded off ! I woke up just as Mrs.Rafe was walking up to the room , so I had to stick all the names back on really , really quickly . Unfortunately I got them all mixed up and upside down .....oh well , it gave them something to do . I hid myself in the Christmas tree and have been watching them carefully and guess what I just spied............


07/12/2017- ...........OH.....MY.........GOODNESS !!!!!!!!! I've only found a giant camera next to Mrs.Rafes desk !!! This means I can indulge in one of my most favourite things ever.......sELFies !!!!!! I've been posing and pouting all over the school , obviously I look amazing and I was positive that the Eagles would agree .......but all they did was point and laugh , some (far too many to name) even touched my photos ...strictly against the rules . Not one said how cute I looked . So...I have decided to show them I mean more mr nice elf from now on.......


08/12/2017- Well I certainly got those Eagles back , yes sireeeeeee . I used a pinch of my  magical elf dust to move all their chairs and hide them away . You have never heard such moaning ! Whine , whine , whine ! And then in the afternoon those rascals from year 5 came to play dress up , they didn't seem to care that I had sent them a warning ......I need to have a good think about how I can get them back . Anyway I had a great time sitting on the only chair , laughing at them all dressed up as Romans and angels and shepherds ,  they all look very odd .'s time to grab my things and head home for the weekend, I can't wait to see Tiffany and Barry , I've missed shed them sooooo much . Byeeeee.


09/12/2017- Well it was a bumpy ride home as the temperature drops in Annesley , it even started to snow brrrrrrrrr, the snow seems so much warmer at home . I can't wait to see Barry , my pet reindeer , he's so cute and well behaved . In fact it is rumoured that Father Christmas has his eye on him to be one of the reindeers to lead his sleigh , all around the world !! Imagine , Blitzen and Barry certainly has a ring to it . Talking of rings , I'm thinking of asking Tiffany to be my elf wife , I  just need to find an amazing engagement ring . I feel all nervous about it but I'm nearly four so it is time I settled down . Anyway , I need to write out my report for my meeting with the big guy tomorrow ....byeeeeeee


10/12/2017- I had a super fab meeting with Father Christmas today , he was very impressed with MY new toy ideas . He was particularly pleased with ; the Moving Unicorn , Crazy Guitar , Ever Lasting Nails and Pass Your SATs Steve , the mathematical robot . Father Christmas says they are all sure to be on the best selling toys list next year and it's all down to ME !!! I was so proud that I ran straight round to Tiffanys to tell her , she was practising her ballet solo for the annual Father Christmas ball next weekend . Anyway I just have time to pop into McJingles and see Barry then it's time for my flight back to Annesley . See you in the morning.......


11/12/2017- I arrived back in Annesley and it is sooooooo cold , I'm sure that Mr .Askyou turned off the heating , doesn't he realise that elves need to be warm ? Anyway I decided to have a hunt around for something nice and warm to wrap up in and get cosy .....but all I could find was a box labelled pe ? What is pe ? Still , it was full of clothes so I had a rummage around . I dug right to the bottom and all I could find were t.shirts , shorts , some manky trainers and several smelly socks ! No use to me whatsoever !  Luckily someone had left me a gift with a nice furry scarf inside , so I wrapped myself in that and prepared for a day of watching . It's amazing what you spot from up high....


12/12/2017- ........those pesky Eagles thought they could hide it from me , no chance . I could see it a mile off ...CHOCOLATE!!!!!! The most dreamiest , velvety , scrumptious , most delicious thing ever !!!!!! All hidden in little pockets , tiny little baubles and mini penguins . I know I really shouldn't but one piece won't hurt............will it? 


Ooooooooooh my tummy..................


13/12/2017- Oooowwwwwwww my tummy hurts soooooooo much ! I am sooo sorry Eagles . I totally forgot how bad human chocolate is for elves , it's just so scrummy , I couldn't resist and boy have I paid for it ! You see , when an elf has to go they REALLY have to go ! I tried , honest I did , to get to the toilet but once I started it was just POP , POP , POP everywhere ! In trays , lockers , sinks , the big camera , even the broken water cooler (is it really broken ?) . Eventually I had to stop for a rest in a glass and unfortunately I nodded off so I wasn't able to clean up my mess , soooooo embarrassing ! I feel so bad and I'm really , really missing Barry , he always cheers me up . Eagles , will you help me ?.............


14/12/2017- I told you it would be a nice surprise today ...and it certainly was ......for me ! I enlisted the help of the fabulous Miss.Geeson (she's amazing) and between us we made each of the Eagles their own pair of reindeer antlers and their own reindeer name , they then had the task of being my reindeers for the day , to help me get over missing Barry so much . And do you know what ? It did the trick ! They were AMAZING !!! I feel so much happier and I promise tomorrow's task will be stupendous......


15/12/2017- I promised fun , so I decided to play my most favourite game - HIDE AND SEEK !!!!  I spent hours creating  sELFies and hiding them around school , then writing poems to help you find yoursELFs , I am amazing - I know . I set a time limit of 30 minutes and Mrs.Rafe set them off ...and then we waited......and waited ...and waited . It was like watching paint dry , they were sooooooo slow ! We had to extend the time by 30 more minutes , Mrs.Rafe is far too nice , meaning some of the sELFies had been moved , all my hard work ruined !! Eventually the challenge was completed after 1hour and 2 minutes , I was exhausted ! And now I have to fly home and prepare for Father Christmas' Annual Ball ( I'm playing a piano solo - Jingle Bells) . Just you wait Eagles , I'll get you back for this ..



16/12/2017- Well I arrived back home and raced straight around to see Barry , he was so impressed that the Eagles became reindeers just like him but a little worried that I may prefer them to him . I told him there's no chance of that happening as he is super fab and amazing . I quickly wrote up my report and began to get ready for the Ball tonight . I have had my yearly bath and even washed my hair . I chose out my best suit and some ear de toilet aftershave . I am feeling very nervous as I plan to propose to Tiffany tonight you think she will want to be my elf wife ?.....


17/12/2017- SHE SAID YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Tiffany has agreed to be my elf wife , this is going to be the bestest Christmas eveeeeeerrrrrrrr ! I was soooo nervous , first of all playing my Jingle Bells piano solo , which Tiffany did her solo ballet piece to (we were amazing , a great team - everyone said so) . Then we sat at Father Christmas' table for the feast , I'm always soon nervous around him even though he is the most lovely person ever . Then , just as it was starting to get dark,Tiffany drove me home and I decided it was the perfect moment I got down on one knee and popped the question . She is going to be an amazing wife , she makes the BEST mince pies . Anyway , it's time for my journey back to Annesley for my last few days with the Eagles ...and I've managed to get you each a little treat from Father Christmas' feast.......




18/12/2017- I was so happy today that I bought a little bit of the North Pole back to Annesley with me and made  Angels , all over the classroom . They were so beautiful and I expected the Eagles to join in and make some of their own , but oh-no not them , instead they disappeared for half of the day and left me all alone ! And when they did come back they kept singing ! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh ! Sounded like strangled cats ! But Mrs.Rafe said it sounded beautiful and she kept doing little dances ! These humans are crazy......crazy I tell you !


19/12/2017- I have had such fun today . I decided to bring back my favourite outfit from the North Pole (BatElf) and wow the Eagles with my amazing superhero fetes ! So I set up a zip wire , put on my costume and positioned myself in a daring pose , I even gave each Eagle a batman mask so they could be superheroes too .....and guess what ? They all disappeared and left me all alone yet again !!! I'm soooo cross I could smash something ...grrrrrrrrrrrrr



20/12/2017- Well I said I would ...and I did!!!!!! I was sooooo cross that I hammered my fists on Mrs.Rafes big tablet and the next thing I knew smashed !!! A great big hole !! I quickly climbed inside to try and fix it and guess what ? I fell into it ! And then I couldn't get out , I was trapped . I wrote a note asking for help but those Eagles just ignored me and disappeared. .......again . I do hope Mr.Askyou rescues me before Mrs.Robots funds out , she's scary . And also , I heard that tomorrow is party day ...and I do love a party......


21/12/2017- PAAAAAARRRRRTTTTAAAAYYYYY!!!! I rounded up some of my friends , put shaman ing tunes on the big tablet and partied on down to classics such as : YMCA , Gangnan Style and the Macarena . It was awesome ! The Eagles all had fun playing games , eating and dancing along . It has made me quite sad that I have to leave them tomorrow ....they're not a bad bunch really . But I have a little surprise for them's going to be epic.....


22/12/2017- Oh no ! I was so looking forward to a fun filled last day at Annesley with my friends the Eagles but unfortunately Father Christmas has had to recall all of the elves back to his workshop , to make sure all the gifts are ready for Christmas Eve . I do hope you all enjoyed my last challenge , the legendary laser quest game ? Did you find the gifts I left you ? I'm happy to tell you that you all made it onto Santas good list this year for being extra super fab , well done . I know you have a tricky few months ahead of you now before you all move to new schools and new adventures , I hope you don't forget me , as I will never forget you . Good luck in those horrid SAT's , try your best and you will be fine . Remember to smile every day , be kind and always believe in the magic of Christmas . 

With love , your friend , ELFIS xxxxx

22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term .

22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term . 1
22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term . 2
22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term . 3
22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term . 4
22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term . 5
22/12/2017- Elfis the Elf left us a special challenge on the last day of term . 6


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