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Our choir sang with Voces 8 vocal group at Worksop College, see our Latest News.

Autumn 2

7th December

Jasmine, Wow!  You make a fantastic Sherherd! Your confidence has grown over the last few months.  You are amazing!  Keep on finding your voice!  Jasmine, you are ‘Confident, Honest and Reliable’.  Well done!  Keep it up!


7th December

Sam,  you are a Super Star!  You have grown in confidence and  and taken on all the challenges that we have given you.  You are a super actor, with a powerful voice.  Sam, you are ‘Confident, Ambitious and Independent’. Well done!  


30th November

Dylan, you have been challenging yourself at home and at school.  You have been taking on missions to help improve your reading.  Dylan, you are ‘Confident’ and ‘ Ambitious’.  Well done! Keep it up!


23rd November

Ellie,  you are all our ‘Archie Value’ rolled into one!  You treat everyone with respect.  You overcome any challenges that are thrown at you.  You are a super star! 

Ellie, you are ‘Ambitious, Respectful, Confident, Honest Independent and Equal’.  Well Done!


16th November 

Benjamin,  you have been working hard to achieve your targets.  You are always challenging yourself.  Keep it up!  

Benjamin you are ‘Independent’ and ‘Confident’. Well Done!