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Well Done Year 2 and Annesley Primary School for raising £130.58 for some new weighing scales.

Autumn 2

Our Learning Challenge is...

Why can't a meerkat live in the North Pole?


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Which animals live in cold places like the North and South pole?


How do polar bears keep warm?

What do we mean by hot and cold colours?

Why do people usually like to go to hot places for their holidays?

Why do we wear different clothes in summer and winter?

Would you rather be a meerkat or a penguin?

Can you make the perfect home for a meerkat?



How do polar bears keep warm?

Our Golden Book Person is...



Our Archie Children are...

4.11.2016  Success for being ambitious. 

11.11.2016 Evie and Alfie for being independent.


Our Good Worker of the week is...     

4.11.2016   Armandas!