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100% Attendance Winners: Jessica Hornsey-£40, Owen Baggaley-£20 and Connor Gregory-£20

Autumn 1 - Quality Quotes


"Year 6 Quality Quotes "


Owen - it's in the uneths column .

(he meant tenths)


Mrs.Wraith - What is the other way you can spell hair ?

Harvey - Armpit hare !!


Tian - I look like an overweight Santa .


Mrs.Wraith - What is 0.5 as a fraction ?

Ethan - A narf !


Oliver - You forgot the bullet point ! 

(He meant decimal point...we were doing math)


Mrs.Wraith - (about the word description) It rhymes with miscription...

Miss.Geeson - Or even prescription...


Owen - When I get up in the morning my hair is super poofey ...


Tyler B. - Is the water cooler working today ? 

(It hasn't been broken?)


Libby - When are we nearly here ?


Faith - If I use the raspberry mould , will my chocolates look like strawberries?