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Year 5 and 6 - Hagg Farm Residential Visit 22/0519 - 24/05/19

Autumn 1 - Quality Quotes

Quality Quotes


Matthew - The smoke was lurking like a fish


Jessica - Did you know that in WW2 there was a Scottish , Jamaican lady that made poo drinks for the soldiers with the pumps ?


Sam - U Boats had very long snorkels .


Sam - If in doubt ...don't put it in !


Mrs.Wraith - What's the correct name for these symbols?< > =

Chelsea - That's!!!


Mrs.Wraith - Don't worry everyone ... It's not a triantular!!

(There was a small , dead spider in the toilets).


Isabelle - I think Mr.Eccleston is strange ...he has tiny eyes.


Isabelle - My favourite food is my mum's gluten free , dairy free , wheat free , banana cake.

Miss.Geeson - It's just a banana isn't it ?


Dylan - The singular of teeth is fish !!


Cody - My eyes are leaking because I have many tears behind them.


Isabelle - I really , REALLY like vertical blinds.


Miss.Geeson - What are baby cows called ?

Dylan - Piglets !


Erin - I love long deVICIOUS ! (Bit harsh , Erin!)

We were doing long division.


Zachary - I have a bubbly eye.


Cody - Why was the road constipated ? (Congested)


Cody - I remember Nelson Mandela as being the mascot for KFC.

(ermm.......that was Colonel Saunders ,Cody!)


Chelsea - I was born in Britain, then I moved to England , now I live in Britland.