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The winners of the Poppy Canvas Competition are: Jude for FS, Chase for KS1 and Oliviah for KS2. Well done to all entrants and thank you to our Friends from the Royal British Legion for having the awful task of having to judge the competition.

Autumn 1 - Quality Quotes

Quality Quotes


Matthew - The smoke was lurking like a fish


Jessica - Did you know that in WW2 there was a Scottish , Jamaican lady that made poo drinks for the soldiers with the pumps ?


Sam - U Boats had very long snorkels .


Sam - If in doubt ...don't put it in !


Mrs.Wraith - What's the correct name for these symbols?< > =

Chelsea - That's!!!


Mrs.Wraith - Don't worry everyone ... It's not a triantular!!

(There was a small , dead spider in the toilets).


Isabelle - I think Mr.Eccleston is strange ...he has tiny eyes.


Isabelle - My favourite food is my mum's gluten free , dairy free , wheat free , banana cake.

Miss.Geeson - It's just a banana isn't it ?


Dylan - The singular of teeth is fish !!


Cody - My eyes are leaking because I have many tears behind them.


Isabelle - I really , REALLY like vertical blinds.


Miss.Geeson - What are baby cows called ?

Dylan - Piglets !


Erin - I love long deVICIOUS ! (Bit harsh , Erin!)

We were doing long division.


Zachary - I have a bubbly eye.


Cody - Why was the road constipated ? (Congested)


Cody - I remember Nelson Mandela as being the mascot for KFC.

(ermm.......that was Colonel Saunders ,Cody!)


Chelsea - I was born in Britain, then I moved to England , now I live in Britland.