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We can't wait to see everyone back on Thursday 6th September!

Autumn 1

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Tyler these last few weeks. He is a delightful young boy with a contagious smile (and amazing eyelashes)! He smiles from ear to ear when he has done something well. He loves to please and has really impressed us with the way he has taken on all the new challenges of year 1. He works hard and it is lovely to see how proud he is of himself when he achieves something he never thought he could do. He always tries his best and wants to achieve and you can’t ask for any more than that! We’ve only been back at school a few weeks but Tyler has already had handfuls of tokens and he has even shown Bear his work (who had a good sniff and was very impressed)! I always find myself saying ‘well done Tyler’ and ‘thank you tyler’ Because he’s always listening and doing the right thing! What a fantastic start to year 1! Keep up the good work Tyler we are going to have a great year.