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We can't wait to see everyone back on Thursday 6th September!

Autumn 1

12th October

Ellie, you have been practising your spellings at home, and during ‘Free Choice’ time.  This has help improve your writing.  You are challenging yourself all the time.  Keep it up!  ‘Ellie, you are Ambitious’.


Esmai,  you have been using our ‘WOW’ words in your writing.  You are even choosing to write during ‘Free Choice’.  Keep it up!  ‘Esmai, you are Ambitious’.  


5th October

Harvey,  you struggled with your spellings this week, but you persevered and kept on going. You used your phonics knowledge to identify the initial sounds of the words.  Keep it up!  'Harvey you are ambitious'.


Cobi, you are like a shark in water.  Your swimming strokes are amazing.  You are a confident crocodile. Keep on swimming.  'Cobi you are confident'. 


28th September

Leanna has been independent this week.  She has got changed for P.E without asking for help.  'Leanna is independent'.


Jasmine has shown lots of confidence in class this week.  She has participated during class discussions and found her voice.  'Jasmine is confident'. 


21st September

Edith you are kind, helpful and honest.  You are always smiling and choose to make the right choices.  Well done! 

‘Edith is respectful.


Colby is working had in all of his lessons.  He is trying hard to work things out himself, even when he finds it tricky.  Well done!  

‘Colby is independent’.  

14th September 2018

Limara,  you have entered year one with so much confidence and an 'I Can attitude'.  You have tackled all the challenges that year one has thrown at you with ease.  You have all our ARCHIE values inside you.   We look forward to seeing you grow more over the year.