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Autumn 1


W/C 9.10.2017


Adam - for his continued respectful attitude....well done!


Daisy - for really trying and being independent in numeracy...super


W/C 2.10.2017


Jacob - for independent work in numeracy and the PWA.


Oliviah - for being honest and thinking of others first.


W/C 25.9.2017


Bobby - for his independent work that is growing by the day.


Sofia - for being respectful and listening in order to do well.


W/C 18.9.2017


Oliver C- for his super self control and contribution to the PWA!


Matthew S - for his continued independent and positive working approach. A real role model!


W/C 11.9.2017


Trent- for his better independent understanding of maths due to listening and then getting it right. Well done


Weronika - for her growing confidence and taking part in role play activities. Keep it up


Good Work






Making Greek pots was really smashing!

The Prince William Award has started!

14/09/2017 - we have been making Greek flags and laurel headbands .

21/09/2017 - We have been designing and building structures to hold the goddess Athena (disguised as a tin of beans).

12/10/2017 - Today we took our learning outside .