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100% Attendance Winners: Jessica Hornsey-£40, Owen Baggaley-£20 and Connor Gregory-£20


Archie Bear


Introducing Archie Bear, our new school mascot .


We will ‘Achieve with Archie’, if we are:


Ambitious - encouraging children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’. To try, try and try again, even when things are challenging.

Respectful - treating others how they would like to be treated.

Confident - preparing our children for a world which is changing every day, to tackle new things with confidence.

Honest - telling the truth, to say what we mean and do what we say we are going to do.

Independent - foster a love of learning and promote independence and encourage questioning.

Equal - celebrate the difference and individuality of others.








15.9.17 - Amy-Jaye  - You were RESPECTFUL in the P.E. lesson - Mr. Henshaw was really impressed when he saw you doing extra things for other people around school ; Caelan  - you have been INDEPENDENT in everything you have done - listening carefully and always knowing what to do

22.9 17 - Cory - You were AMBITIOUS because you always aim to improve on what you have already done: Grace Brownson - you are RESPECTFUL to everyone because you have such beautiful manners.

29.9.17 - Sarah - You were EQUAL because you worked as part of a team to help Molly when she stumbled in the cross-country. Alfie Newstead - you are RESPECTFUL - you have beautiful manners and are always keen to help others.

6.10.17 - Thalia  - you are CONFIDENT because you are never afraid to try out new things.

13.10.17 - Lucas  - you were AMBITIOUS when you made sure that you had learnt all the year 3 and 4 spelling list. Callum Brown - you were INDEPENDENT when you noticed that the children were out on the yard on their own at the beginning of Golden Time and you went to tell someone.

3.11.17 - Shaylen - you were AMBITIOUS when you improved your handwriting and wrote a super conversation between three characters. Izaac - you were also AMBITIOUS when you persevered until you were able to create your own magic square.

10.11.17 - Callum F - you are INDEPENDENT because you listen carefully and get on with tasks on your own. Harley - you are RESPECTFUL because you are polite and kind to all children and adults in school.

24.11.17 - Joe - You were AMBITIOUS when you learnt all your spellings and passed two tests in one week! - Molly - you were CONFIDENT when you used the new writing style for your work.

1.12.17 - Scarlett  - you were AMBITIOUS when you kept going until you could do the multiplication work.

8.12.17 -Ethan  - you were CONFIDENT when you started to put your hand up more in lessons

15.12.17 - Kassius  - you were INDEPENDENT when you worked through the questions in the arithmetic test - Henley - you were AMBITIOUS when you attempted all the difficult questions in the test

12.1.18 - Amelia  - you were AMBITIOUS when you practised problem-solving activities at home - Matilda - you are HONEST in everything that you say and do.

19.1.18 - Alexia - you are AMBITIOUS because you always do your best in maths lessons to learn new skills - Cyrah-Leigh - you are RESPECTFUL because you are polite and helpful to everyone in school. 

26..18 - Lara  - you were CONFIDENT when you stuck at your division and now you can divide two digits with remainders - Shaylen  - you have been AMBITIOUS in your literacy week and tried out new ideas.

2.2.18 - Danielle  - you were AMBITIOUS when you described characters in detail - Connor - you were CONFIDENT when you painted your reflection picture, based upon an original by Claude Monet.

9.2.18 - Kassius   - you were HONEST about the team tokens - Ellie - you were AMBITIOUS when you learnt to find non-unit fractions of numbers.

16.2.18 - Natasha - you were CONFIDENT when you used your times tables to play Around the World - Callum B - you are being really AMBITOUS in your increased reading each week

16.3.18 - Riley - you are always AMBITIOUS when you do so many reads each week - Amelia - you were RESPECTFUL to Connor at the Museum, when you gave some equipment to him instead of using it yourself. 

30.3.18 - Lara - you were RESPECTFUL when you shared your art work with Alexia - Caitlin - you were AMBITIOUS when you answered so many questions in the reading test and got nearly full marks.

20.4.18 - Connor - you were RESPECTFUL when you were kind to Ethan. Lara - you were RESPECTFUL when you shared your art work with Alexia 

27.4.18 - Jayden - you were HONEST when you made sure that you could not see the answers in a maths activity. Harley - you were CONFIDENT when you painted your flower in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. 

11.5.18 - Ethan - you were AMBITIOUS  when you climbed to the top of the climbing wall. Grace - you were CONFIDENT in everything that you did at Beaumanor

18.5.18  - Molly - you were RESPECTFUL when you helped Natasha with her work. Scarlett - you were CONFIDENT in doing the questions on the maths test.

25.5.18 - Natashs - you were CONFIDENT in your swimming. Cory - you are RESPECTFUL to others in everything that you do at school.

8.6.18 - Alexia - you were RESPECTFUL when you helped Connor out when he was injured. Sarah - you are RESPECTFUL to everyone. 

15.6.18 - Danielle - you were AMBITIOUS in your Literacy writing - Caelan - you are always RESPECTFUL to everyone with your beautiful manners.

22.6.18 - Callum B - you were very RESPECTFUL when you were patient with all the changes at Veolia- Matilda - you are always RESPECtFUL in everything that you do 

29.6.18 Izaac -  you have really worked hard in swimming and become CONFIDENT in the water.  Keep being AMBITIOUS and you will succeed. Henley - you have been really RESPECTFUL and treated everyone's ideas EQUALLY in the group activities this week.  

6.7.18  Amelia- you worked incredibly hard in numeracy, persevering with the symmetry questions. You then showed great AMBITION by accepting the challenge questions.

13.7.18 Scarlett - you showed great CONFIDENCE and AMBITION in your arithmetic assessment and achieved a wonderful score.