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Year 5 and 6 - Hagg Farm Residential Visit 22/0519 - 24/05/19

Archie Bear Awards

A - Ambition We encourage children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’.
R - Respectful Our children treat others how they would like to be treated.
C - Confident We prepare our children for a world which is changing and bringing new challenges.

H - Honest Our children tell the truth, say what they mean, and do what they say they are going to do.
I - Independent We will foster a love of learning, promote independence and encourage questioning.
E - Equal We will celebrate our differences and individuality.


My Archie Award goes to ...


July 2019

19.07  Jake and Ben  Equal  "Team work makes the dream work".  You listened to each other, shared your ideas and worked together to create an amazing stomp rocket that truly rocketedWell done!

June 2019

28.6 Jess S Independent You really showed what you know about the digestive system and produced a fabulous diagram. Well done!

28.6 Ashleigh Equal What a great friend in swapping  your go-kart with a classmate who couldn’t reach the pedals of the one they were on. Sharing so you could both play. Well done!


21.6 Jess H Independent What amazing homework. You really put all your learnings and effort into it. Well done!

21.6 Tyler Honest You recognised the importance of admitting your error. Such a grown up approach to the situation. Well done


7.6 Armandas.  Equal You really joined in and supported your team during our Sport's Day practice, even when things were difficult.  Well done!

7.6 Tyler Independent  What a grown up approach you showed when you practiced your numeracy (angle work), without adult promptng,  after completing your literacy activity.  Well done!

May 2019

17.5 Logan Confident. You really joined in with the Forest School fire building activity happily sharing your ideas.  Well done!

17.5 Benjamin Equal.  What a great team player making sure all of your group was included in the activity and that no-one felt left out.  Well done!


10.5. Lilly and Ashleigh Equal What great teamwork, great listening and sharing of ideas. Well done!

April 2019


26.4  Jake Ambitious.  You are really working hard on your spellings and racing through the list of words.  Well done!

26.4  Ruby ARCHIE.  What a role model! You have shown all of our values this week.  Well done! 



  March 2019


5.4 Dominic, Lewis, Jake, Charlie, Ethan, Charlotte, Rajpreet, Isla, Sienna, Kerry, Jennifer, Ruby.  Equal You showed what fantastic team players you were in attending the Year 3 Musical Evening performance.  Well done!


29.3 Kieron Confident What a positive attitude you have shown to all your learnings this week.  Well done!

29.3 Lexie Mai Independent You focused on your comprehension and showed a great understanding of the questions.  Well done!


22.3 Armandas Confident You showed a great interest on our trip to the recycling centre and asked wonderful questions. Well done!

22.3 Theo Confident All the hard work you have put into learning your times tables has certainly paid off. Well done!


15.3 Jennifer -Independent.  You really showed an interest in researching facts about unusual fruits that don't grow in our country.  Well done!

15.3 Skyla- Confident. You knew that with hard work you would pass your spellings test and you did.  Well done!


8.3  Cadon - Confident  Wow you stood up in front of the class and read aloud from your favourite book.  Well done!

8.3 Jasmine - Equal  and Respect You included others in your times table work to encourage and support their learnings.  Well done!


1.3  Dominic - Respect At lunchtime you collected other people's rubbish and put it in the bin.  This didn't go unnoticed and you were given a team token.  Well done!

1.3 Ruby - Independent You worked hard and showed how well you've progressed on your reading comprehension.  Well Done!

February 2019


15.2 Tyler - Honest You demonstrated one of the most important ARCHIE qualities Well Done!

15.2 Lilly - Ambitious You've really pushed yourself to produce some beautiful handwriting.  Well Done!


8.2 Kerry - Independent  You have really focussed on your work this week in all lessons and pushed yourself to do the best possible.  Well done!

8.2 Skyela - Respect - You always act so politely and respectfully with whoever is in your group.  Well done!


1.2  Armandas - Ambitious What an amazing story you wrote this week.  It was full of amazing vocabulary and had a wonderful flow.  Well done!

1.2 Jennifer - Independent You have really persevered with your maths this week.  You have shown great focus.  Well done!

January 2019


25.1 Jake - Equal You showed what a great team player you are by involving all in your group to produce a wonderful gymnastic display. Well done!

25.1 Rajpreet  - Respect You listened politely and carefully followed the instructions, of our class visitors, to produce a lovely piece of art work. Well done! 

18.1 Lilly - Equal You confidently shared all your ideas and thoughts about light and shadows with the other children in class. Well done!

18.1 Jessica - Equal  You were happy to share your recount of the Peter Pan story with the group.  Well done!

11.1 Theo- Ambitious. In numeracy you used previous learnings and number patterns to complete the challenge questions you were given.  Well done!

11.1.Charlie - You were Confident in sharing your ideas and thoughts during our science lesson on shadows and light sources.  Well done!

11.1 Skyela - You worked Independently at home to research lots of new French vocabulary. Tres bien!

December 2018

14.12 Armandas- Independent. You became a human calculator and independently completed the numerical challenge you were given.

14.12 Kieron Confident. You showed great confidence in joining Mr Playdon in a French conversation.

7.12 Logan L Independent.  You have been really calm and worked independently on the tasks you have been given.

7.12 Sienna  Equal.  You worked well in a team treating those around you equally and with great respect.

November 2018
30.11 Ethan Independent.  You have shown what you can achieve then you put your mind to your work and don't get distracted by what is going on around you.

30.11 Christian Respect. You were a great role model in tidying your table in class.  You understood that it is important to take responsibility for our classroom.


23.11 Kieron - Independent.  You have continued to demonstrate a how well you can work without support

23.11 Theo- Confident.  Your confident approach to your times tables and comprehension is really showing


16.11 Logan S - Ambitious.  You showed great determination and resilience towards your maths.  

16.11 Ruby - Independent.  You have worked so well in literacy this week without any support.


9.11 Lexie Mai - Independent.  You created a picture dictation full of style.

9.11 Logan L - Confident.  You are showing a real confidence in your approach to your lessons.