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Have a lovely Easter Holiday. We will see you back at school on Monday 16th April 18


A - Ambition We encourage children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’.
R - Respectful Our children treat others how they would like to be treated.
C - Confident We prepare our children for a world which is changing and bringing new challenges.

H - Honest Our children tell the truth, say what they mean, and do what they say they are going to do.
I - Independent We will foster a love of learning, promote independence and encourage questioning.
E - Equal We will celebrate our differences and individuality.


12th January - Owen and Cody . Owen you have really pushed yourself this week , being ambitious in your learning . Cody , even though you had made a mistake you held your hands up and admitted you were wrong , this was very honest of you and helped us solve the problem quickly and without fuss.


19th January - Zachary and Jessica . You have proven to be great Archie people this week , working hard and being respectful to both adults and your friends in class . Keep it  up .


26th January - Dylan C and Isobelle L . You have both been confident in your approach to our numeracy this week , cracking those tricky fraction additions . Well done .


2nd February - Grace and Cody . You have both been really switched on in maths this week , confident and ambitious , I'm very impressed . Well done .


9th February - Dylan.A and Marcel . You have both been trying so hard to follow our ARCHIE values , I have noticed . You have both shown ambition and respect in our literacy work , this week , about influential people . Well done .


16th February- Katy and Jacob. You have both shown an excellent work ethic and team working this week. Katy you have shown how you can integrate seamlessly between various groups both in maths and science and have helped others progress. Whilst you Jacob have excelled in Science, guiding and progressing your team to help achieve the task of completing a pulley system. Well done.


16th March-Dale and Alexa . You have been pushing yourselves , especially in numeracy , to improve and it's beginning to pay off . Your ambition is helping with your confidence and this is showing in your work . Well done .